Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Top 10

1. A free weekend - a huge bonus in itself! (and not to be repeated until April I believe  - ok maybe its not THAT bad!)

2. Having been ill during the week it was great to feel well enough to Jazzercise on Saturday morning - and I had a blast doing it (Thanks Janice T if you are reading this).

3. Breakfast at the Cannery Cafe with Lindsay on Saturday - I love Steveston.

4. Visiting a friend who has been sick - JB the sick and BB the suffering!! Ha ha ...... Lovely to sit around their kitchen table and chat awhile.

5. Fabulous Farmers Market Finds by Allan and David ( organic pork (sausages and bacon), interesting squash, brussel sprouts, organic garlic, onions, carrots)

6. Cross-border shopping run - fun family outing but a decision today that we won't do it again unless we are going for other reasons as well - not worth it just for Costco.

7. Doing a puzzle - Lindsay and I started a very ambitious puzzle - we have made little progress but have had some great chats while trying.

8. Holding the ever adorable Sola in church as she napped - there is something delicious about that dead weight of a baby in your arms  - I am so past this stage of my life so to have the opportunity to cuddle a baby as often as I do makes my heart very happy.

9. Sunday Family Roast Chicken Dinner - my parents came over for an organic roast chicken dinner with some of the market veg - was delicious!  The totally not organic/not grass fed chocolate cake was lovely too.

10. Feeling content on a Sunday night on the couch next to my Honey...... getting ready for the week ahead.


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  1. I love your blog Nicks! It is so good to follow your life like this. Keep writing, you are really good at it.