Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowfall warning.........

Alert: If you are a weather forecaster please do not be offended by this post - just be happy your pay isn't performance based - I'm just saying!!!

Is it just me or do these so called "weather warnings" bug you?. Last week we all waited for 5 - 10cm of snow to fall and nada, nothing, zip............or rather torrents of plain old rain....

"Big Deal" I hear you say - "Get over it already Nicky, move on!".

Well here's the thing - I have to make a decision on every snow day (or so-called snow day) whether or not to open 3 child care centres and I have to make this determination before 6am so I can call my Senior staff and they can set the phone tree in motion to contact 150 families and change the voicemail at the centres while I call the radio stations to get the closure broadcast so that parents can make alternate plans. So I am up half the night checking the weather.  For my blog lurkers in southern more temperate climates - it is hard to see snow falling in the pitch dark (especially so if your contacts are not in) so one looks for a light source (in my case a streetlamp out front) to see the little flakes wafting down.

AND then I have to get up at 5am and see if the School District is going to close because we follow what they do.  Now they almost never close so it makes my life easier IF school is in session.  But even if they stay open I have to figure out how bad the roads are and if I am going to have enough staff who will make it to work on time (we can't have the little people shivering outside and the big people aka the paying clients do not like to be kept waiting).

AND then I have to clear off the Zoom Zoom , my ever so light Mazda 5 with all weather tires (yes that is how they spell tires here) and I have to ramp over the lovely berm the snow plow has made alongside my car and hope like heck I can stop before I get to the opposite side of the street!!  This is NOT a skill I learned when I got a drivers license in 30 degrees C.

So here we are again..... Snowfall Warning in Effect now calling for 10-15cm and that is NO joke to drive in!!  It may come tonight and it may not start until tomorrow night - Wednesday looks to be a horrendous commute (of course that's the day David gets his braces on so no holing up at home like a Wus).

BUT its just as likely to rain..... without a flake to be seen.

AND then I will be disappointed - I love how the snow quiets everything  and softens all the angles and makes the light brighter.

HA HA - there is clearly no pleasing me, especially if you are predicting the weather!

That is my car on a mild 3cm day

Thank goodness I have a shoveller
My preferred view - from the kitchen island with tea in hand

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