Saturday, January 8, 2011

Simple Things

Its been a busy week with back to school and starting teaching and crazy weather and all the other daily dramas and doings....... I find it so hard to stop amidst the rush and take a deep breath and notice and even enjoy the small, simple things. I have read several blog posts and articles over the last couple of weeks that encourage pursuit of the simple life.  I wish I really understood what that was.  In theory I love the idea - declutter both my living space and my time.  But I know me, I would just fill it up again..... so I am attempting to at least see and enjoy simple moments this week coming up.
While on a conference call on Friday the sun finally made an albeit brief appearance - and there I was stuck on the phone - so I grabbed my camera, tried to stay engaged with the call and snapped this photo.  I like it - it is of a view I have everyday but I can honestly say there are far too many days I never even look up and out (damn that protestant work ethic!).  I will do better next week.

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