Sunday, January 4, 2015

Times up

Tools down... Times up.... 

Renocation is over and just like that our winter "break" is done.

And we came oh so close to actually being done!

The floors are in, all baseboards, edging strips, transition strips are in.

The walls, trim and bannister pieces are all painted, stained and finished.

All that is left to do is install the bannister.

Which is good because my falling down the stairs nightmares will compel us to do it sooner rather than later.

Or I could up my sleep meds? 

We have worked hard.
We have worked together.

We laughed, we swore, we encouraged each other, got on each other's nerves at times.

We ate lots of good food..... I am going to miss eating three meals a day together... Eating cinnamon buns and pretzels for lunch....

We listened to so much music from 80's pop to reggae to Sam Smith, Hozier, Ella Eyre and Mat Kearny and Dixie Chicks! We sang along and sometimes we danced.

It was hard work but we did it together and we had fun along the way.

It's was a crazy plan and those wishing to send an "I told you so" our way... We accept.

But we won't soon forget this winter break.... We made some great memories.  We have some new stories to tell... My damaged calf is coming along nicely... Thanks for asking! 

So tonight we took the Byres Reno Company "We're so crazy we floored ourselves!" out to dinner to celebrate that we are still married and have all our children living at home (and our dog didn't run away) as well as all our fingers and toes! 

We wanted to take a company photo but taking family selfies in public is asking for just too much...which after this week says a lot!

So here is half the company!

Thanks to those who cheered us on, brought us food, checked on us, exclaimed at our progress..... You're our peeps! 

The company is sadly now in bankruptcy and therefore unavailable for any renovation assignments. 


Except for the bannister.

And the upstairs bathrooms.....

Kidding! I am kidding. Mostly.


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