Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Some of my loveliest colleagues took me out for lunch today determined to advance my education in Asian food which has been stalled for a while. 

They were dismayed when the restaurant they were taking me to was one I had already been to.  

Score one for the white girl! 

They ordered all my favourites as well as one new dish.

It was a little seasame covered turnip cake with veggies and pork inside... So so tasty and an easy entry to my top 27 favourite Asian foods. 

Ok so that is every Asian food minus hot pot.

The food was delicious but what I really enjoyed was hearing the three of them talk about their memories of food and cooking with their moms or aunties and how they wanted their kids to have those memories too but in a culture of so much eating out and such readily available and affordable Asian food .... Home cooking of dim sum is happening less and less.

We chatted as we ate our way through some very peanutty saucy dan dan noodles, spicy green beans, perfect XLB's , Shanghai noodles and green onion pancake.... All so very yummy!

And then like the Canadians we are we went to Starbucks and had Flat Whites... The newest drink obsession here (or is that just me?) which is so expensive it makes me shake my head. It's a great brew and on any day I can justify it in my head I will likely get one but on many days it'll be my usual tall long Americano at half the price.

And then.... Then they gifted me with the top gift of this past holiday season.... The selfie stick... Oh the havoc I am about to wreck on all those around me! 

As ever I am grateful to have colleagues who are so lovely and generous and who love to eat! 

Thanks ladies xoxo


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