Saturday, January 3, 2015


I got into bed at 7pm tonight, in part, due to accumulation of the following moments over the last 24-48 hours.

1. That moment when you paint ALL 4 sides of the gazillion staircase spindles .. You straighten you back and pry your hand off the paintbrush only to walk into the kitchen and find.... One.more.spindle.

2. We (and by we I mean Allan) purchase and install a much dreamed of surround sound system for the media/family room. "We" hang the TV where those bricks used to be... And with the small exception of what to do with the dangling cords... The system is set! 

Allan is a very happy man!

Until as we are watching a movie (loudly).. The top two inches of the plasma screen goes... As in the top two inches of the screen are useless... Pixelated ..

We all just sat there and silently watched the movie of now partially headed people because we were too stunned that this could be happening.

Eventually Lindsay wondered out loud what we might have done to piss off the ancestors? 

So yesterday we bought a new TV.  

Ka ching.

We just needed to move on. 

3. The moment I wake at midnight last night from a dead sleep to hear Allan throwing up. Handyman Allan has fallen victim to a stomach virus that laid him flat out on the couch today watching netflix (loudly).

4.  The above turn of events meant a little surprise we had planned for the kids for this morning didn't happen so I got up with the alarm and painted all day, unplugged the upstairs toilet, got Norman the Christmas tree dropped off to be chipped (sorry Norman), made lunch, drove Lindsay to and from work, worked with David to sort put the wrapping paper/gift bag "situation", picked up Spanner food and came home.  

I was so beat so we ordered take out which I went back out in the cold and rain to pick up and was much looking forward to enjoying with a glass of wine ... Only to find we are out of white wine!

(Insert very mad very tired face) 

So that's that.... I surrendered to my bed and cozied under the duvet with my book.

I may never come out.


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