Monday, January 12, 2015

Life Smack

You must have seen those Buzzfeed lists of life hacks that people post to Facebook...... Yes?

If no - see links below with apologies for wasting your time.

They annoy me.

Half of the "hacks", the suggested ways to make your life smoother and somehow better and more beautiful.....are nothing more that common sense things people have been doing forever.

Ok we may not have made a teepee out a sheet and two broom sticks but we made an awesome fort throwing a sheet over the dining room table.  Same difference.

Most of us use the plastic tags on the bread to actually keep the bread fresh and not to colour code the cords in the media cabinet.  We feel its a win to remember to recycle the tag when the bread runs out let alone reuse it in 18 different  projects.

And really people if you cut a pool noodle and put it on the door so the children don't slam their fingers you are starting a lifetime of dependency......are you going to put a pool noodle on the car door?  Put one in their backpack for the classroom door?  One slammed finger in a door and 3 hours in Emergency is a childhood rite of passage..... or is that just our family?

And then there are the so called "life hacks' which are nothing more than architect millionaires showing off some nifty project they charged their clients an arm and a leg for.

Really.... I am almost 45 and I have seen exactly one door disguised as a bookcase in my life and that was so the property inspectors didn't know their house was twice the size basically tax evasion.... and there was the Ann Frank situation but really most of just need somewhere to put our books.

And I suppose if you have an extra few thousand it makes total sense to paint your bathroom floor to look like your in mid you a legitimate reason to use the loo I guess?

These elaborate built ins and other projects should be left to the Pinterest people and not put on a list of life hacks that makes the regular folk out here feel like somehow they missed the life hack class at college and are out of the life hack club forever......unless we start saving our bread clips PDQ.

So don't feel bad my are already hacking life very well in your own clever ways.... Buzzfeed just hasn't found you keep going....and if you invent something you think I need to know to make my life easier and better I trust you'll let me know.


Unbelievably stupid life hacks

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