Wednesday, January 14, 2015


5 years ago I drove past a sign I had driven by many many times.

This time I stopped and wrote down the telephone number.

My impending 40th birthday had everything to do with it.

The ever-welcoming Janice called me back and I laced up my runners and went.

To Jazzercise.

I had never found any gym or class or regime I liked enough or found effective enough to keep wanting to go back. 

And here I am 5 years later. 3 sizes smaller, much fitter and still loving the workouts.  

I have watched many people come and start and then leave. 

I have "suffered" behind many a new comer going in wrong directions.

I have made many friends.

Been inspired by some remarkable women.

It's so easy to let my personal fitness slide when life gets jam packed with other things but I am over beating myself up when I miss a class.... I just get back as soon as I can... And carry on.

I feel lucky to have found a thing I love to do that helps me stay in shape.... It's a lovely gift in my life.

So I am toasting me, my jazzer instructor friend Janice and all the lovely ladies who work it out on the dance floor day after day. 

We rock!

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