Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's coming

These last few rainless days I have noticed a most exciting thing.

I have noticed that at my usual departure-to-work time of 7am, which for the last several months has been in the dark, pitch dark.... something is different.

I have been attentively trying to find this thing to notice.


As I leave the front door each morning my eyes look to the east.


And folks, I can tell you, I can confirm with no shadow of doubt that....

At 7am on the eastern horizon.......

There is LIGHT.

At first is was barely perceptible....a faint line of lighter sky.... but I knew

I knew that faint line of light meant the days are waking up earlier..... Staying up longer.

They are waking from their long sleeps and stretching themselves...a little longer each day.

And soon....soon at 7am dawn will be breaking.

And so will begin my 2-3 weeks of being late for work as I embrace the dawn down by the river....

It's coming...... Spring is coming....


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