Sunday, January 18, 2015

Process vs product

 Just when you might be thinking "Those Byres must be done with that reno"..... Well.... This

And this

And this 

What the heck! 

Carpet cleaning tomorrow ... Oh the irony ... We rip out miles of carpet, put in delicious hardwood and.... Thanks to the days of raining dust and having to sequester the hound in the carpeted areas.... We need the carpets cleaned.

We deserve an A for making our own lives complicated.

In other reno related news we did accomplish several jobs on the "please-dear-Lord-finish-this-job" list.... Like sanding and painting and repainting baseboards and bannister trim, door trim...and staining a certain handrail. Also one last finicky floor board was finally installed in a doorway with above average swearing.

The upper bannister is close and then it's just the family room back wall left to attend to. 

We are getting there! 

I spent maximum effort in the kitchen this weekend. We are trying to get a handle on groceries and meal planning on the weekends so we can have unstressful meal prep on busy week nights. 

I guess, for me, the jury is out on whether      cooking and shopping all weekend (ok not ALL weekend) pays off? Maybe because for me the kitchen just isn't my happy place or my de-stress activity... it seems like work..... Anyhoo....we have three meals cooked and a dozen muffins and I put a very mediocre roast dinner on the table for dinner.


This is the stuff of life I guess.... Trying to find a way to work it out. 

I hope you all have happy and productive weeks ... I leave you with this carpet cleaning/curtain life hack (gasp)


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