Sunday, January 11, 2015

A cut above

We were back to the reno after a very long first week back at school and work. It wasn't too hard to get back into the groove, the motivation is still there and the falling down the stairs nightmares continue. 

The Bannister.... A job with a gagillion angles and complexities ... And a job we have had no experience with.

So clearly it was a job for Allan.

My job was to nod and smile and make food and encouraging noises and occasionally hold things and check them with the level ( the greatest extent if me technical skillz).

Our reno lunch is always baguette and ham... With tea.

I cannot tell you how very grateful I am Allan is such a careful and meticulous handyman. 

He carefully thought through all the pieces that need to come together in a bannister.... 6 different cuts of wood in very specific placements, all varying sizes.  He did lots of math, did a full mock up before cutting the good wood (all those painted spindles!).

By early afternoon the bottom bannister was in! 
I could not be happier! 
What a change!

You may notice the second bannister is ... Incomplete..... Yes... Well... Into every huge reno project one should expect... No matter how much thinking and planning has been done .... 

One wrong angle cut. 

After almost 10 hours of work on the tricky handrail on the second floor ...

And with one.more.cut needed..... Yup... Wrong direction..... and the handrail doesn't work.

I was on a soccer field in North Van watching David when I got Allan's text which had several sad face emoticons.

He was so disappointed and frustrated but as soon as the new handrail gets here it will all come together fast.  

It felt like a setback but we shrugged it off... It's fixable.... And in the grand scheme of this reno.... Just one wrong cut.... No.Big.Deal.

In other reno news... We now have a new 50" TV.... which works with the new surround sound..... Loudly.   This room has quite a bit of work still to be done...and we need to find a new mantle!

We spent some time today cleaning up and sorting out and recycling. I think I am about to come into my own with this reno as we reach the "organize and decorate" phase. Today we started trying to figure out where to hang our art.... We have our eye on a carpet and a new piece of furniture for the front hall...and I think we have finally figured out the best way to clean the new floors! 

Robotics is now competing with the Reno for Allans time but we are hosting a dinner party January 31 so we have to be done! The carpet cleaners are booked! 

So there you have it.... A proper set of before and after photos to come later. 

We can see the end .... There is light... And we are loving how it's all looking.

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