Monday, January 5, 2015

Time to talk

Of course we had a big project to do over the break and we were all committed to working on it together,

And we did.

We worked hard but we were also given the gift of being together for almost 2 weeks - in a fairly confined space and lots of time to chat.

As a mom of two teens I feel the ever present tick tock of time as a family all living at home running out.......and so this time to be together and do something together was precious.

We are not a retiring bunch so there was plenty to talk about and we had some engaging discussions about:

1.  What to eat and when and who was cooking....... our favourite answer was Bacon, now and Lindsay.

2.  We discussed music a lot..... certain lyrics (Hozier etc) and the meaning of certain songs.  It was interesting to hear from the kids how social media has made artists intentions explicit (just check out their music videos, podcasts and instagram to know what their point is)..... no need to drag the needle backwards across the vinyl anymore it seems.

3.  We discussed school a lot - as we do in this house.  I am always fascinated about what the kids perceive about their teachers, their courses and their learning.  And boy they make us laugh imitating funny.

4.  We talked about Lindsay graduating and my lack of readiness for this which, it seems, is irrelevant to her.  As it should be I guess. Sniff.

5.  We dreamed about and discussed Lindsay and my trip to New York City at Spring Break and I marveled at the speed at which she and David can do research on their phones - all hail the Google!

6.  We talked about church and life and friends and family and world politics and movies......

7. We encouraged one another, we told jokes and delivered some great zingers - we are a family of sharp wit and tongues that sometimes have to be reminded to be gentle and kind.

8.  Of course we discussed the merits of DIY vs hiring experts.......more than once.....

We may be more weary than we should be after a "break" but we had precious time in fellowship with one another.......some families might do that on a beach in the tropics......we do while flooring and painting.....either way I am grateful for the time I had to talk with my family.

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