Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year. Same Reno

Happy new year friends. 

We took a couple hours off the painting, staining, baseboard installing to remember there is a world outside our home ( other than Home Depot and Benjamin Moore).

We went to the Van Dusen Festival of Lights with my parents and strolled around on a very chilly New Years Eve evening with a hot choc in hand.... It was a lovely break. 

We then came home and had a movie marathon and "feast food".... A tradition with our kids since they were little...

Yup .... we eat kale salad and smoked salmon at our movie feasts! 

And soon enough midnight came, 2015 slipped in without much fanfare.

2014 had much to be grateful for and some things to be happily left behind. 

I don't have big hopes and dreams for 2015... I know some big things are coming.... I may be in some sort of denial  about some of them.... Like my daughter graduating highschool and going off to University... Maybe far away.

Like opening another new centre and reopening the one that flooded...... I was tired when we opened one... The thought of two makes my stomach flip... And not in a good way. 

I have some personal goals and a new little word that will be a tall order but those are for my Feb 1 birthday reboot. 

That would be the other thing I am in denial about... This birthday seems to me to be a very big number... 

Anyway....... Moving along....

The reno continues..... With no end in sight .... And above average swearing. Also wildly over budget.

But on we go! The devil is in all the finishing details. And I do mean THE devil. Whatever you normal people pay to have someone else do your renos.... It's worth every penny.  One small job leads to 5 more... Every piece of trim is attached to another... The final fitting of boards takes painstaking, sweary hours. 

My hand is permanently deformed into "paintbrush grip". No surface in the house is clear.

And our "renocation" is fast running out time wise....and this strikes fear into our hearts. 

Because here's the thing.... We are not the poster children for "finishing well".  Very soon (if not already - don't look behind the sofa) we say " Its good enough" "It's fine... No one will notice" "We'll do it next weekend".

No we won't. 

Or we won't for a long time. 

We suck at finishing so we are pressing on right now to get as far as we can so we don't leave ourselves in the "almost done" limbo.

One more coat of paint on those dastardly 4 sided staircase spindles and then to bed with my deformed hand.


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