Friday, May 4, 2012

25 years ago.......

I graduated from an exceptional school.


I am that old. 
  Tomorrow is Epworthian Day and many of my classmates will gather at our school for a whole day of celebration from chapel, to lunch, to seeing various current students showcase their talents.

I wish I could be there to see where life has taken us all over the last 25 years.  It truly is hard to believe that it can possibly have been that long when so much of it seems so fresh in my memory.

I loved my school and my years there.

It was the perfect place for me and even 25 years later I think often of what I learned and am in contact with many of my classmates through Facebook.

It was a small, all girls, multi-racial (in apartheid South Africa), private, Methodist school on a beautiful campus full of jacaranda trees.  It was a place of privilege that I was able to access at a discount due to my Missionary Kid status added to by the sacrifice of my parents to give us the best.

We had small classes and amazing teachers, some very eccentric, who cared for us.  We had lots of  rules, we wore uniforms and much was expected of us academically and in sports as well as culturally.  We were expected to participate to our highest ability in all that was offered.

My last day of high school was a sad day.......I was sad that part of my life journey was over.

Just a few days later my family and I flew to Canada.

And here I am back in Canada 25 years later feeling so very blessed to have been an Epworth Girl, to now be an Epworthian.  I have made good use of my education.

But more than that I have carried friendships and connections to some exceptional women through 25 years of life.  We live all over the world.  We do all kinds of jobs. Some of us have raised children. Some have achieved fame. Some live in the same town and have sent their daughters to Epworth.

"Fida, Humana, Fortis"

Faith, Humanity and Courage......... core values imparted deep in my heart and soul and lived out as best I can each day.

Have a wonderful day Class of 1987.......Take lots of photos!

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