Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Great Day off

So I took the day off today.

To do my other job. 

Today was the 10th Annual Assessment Conference at the University of BC.......for every one of those 10 years my business partner JB and I have run the conference......from modest numbers of 50 or so to a height of over 200 delegates to today's manageable 130.

We work with a committee and are heavily involved in all aspects of the day.  It takes 9 months of solid work to pull it off.

It's been a challenging lead up to conference day this year for a host of reasons and so driving out to UBC at the crack of dawn this morning I was running lists in my head trying to make sure I had it all ready to go.

Lindsay came with me and was a total whizz at the AV stuff and calmly set up all the conference rooms and dealt with amazing grace with a PhD meltdown or two. 

7 people arrived who had not registered......I smiled, handed out reg forms and got them sorted and printed name badges in minutes.

All the presenters arrived (one with only minutes to spare) and everyone was fed.


I did forget a cake knife for the 10 Year Celebration held after the conference closed!  But my partner JB saved the day whipping her cell phone out and getting a knife delivered.

Lindsay, JB and I drove wearily home after a busy 12 hours but satisfied that the day had gone so well.

I have lots of loose ends and details to follow up on in the next days or two but I have taken tomorrow off  and I intend to stay in bed for quite a while........

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