Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Seasons and Possibilities

As it feels a "Season" of our life is coming to a close, which grieves me, I am very comforted by the Spring, the changing of the garden outside and all the possibilities it holds.

I carry a diary, I have Google calendar on my laptop, a calendar on my iPhone........but all I need to remind of the week it was when we bought our current home is for the Rhododendron to bloom.  As we took that scary plunge into home ownership I clearly remember standing on the sidewalk taking a picture of the house (long before we moved in) and those Rhodo's were in full bloom.  Each year I enjoy the memory of that as the bud turn into flowers.

I just finished this book

It was a good read and it is, in part,  about vegetable gardening.  Our little veggie patch is doing quite well - after the water-logged misadventure that the start of last year was we are delighted with the progress so just two weeks everything is thriving.  We have had some lovely warm weather which kick-started everything (in fact the lettuce and spinach are finding it a tad warm). 

 These little pea shoots and carrot shoots (which we will have to thin out this weekend) were just seeds two weeks ago......and here they are pushing through the dark soil to the bright day.

The Garden of Happy Endings....... I am taking that as a sign for myself today that this garden and this "season" will end well.

And I just realised it is supposed to be Wordless Wednesday........oh well

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