Monday, May 14, 2012

Love in Action

I was so blessed yesterday by the love and hard work of my husband and kids.  I was really able to just enjoy the day without feeling I had to help.....I just let myself be taken care of (not a strong suit of mine usually).

The family was up early and the kitchen was a hive of activity and the yummy.

The baking and cooking went on until our guests and my parents arrived and an amazing brunch was served in the glorious backyard sunshine........and I stayed out there in the backyard either eating or reading or drinking tea, chatting.....just being..... until the sun went down (proved by the slightly red tint to my arms and chest today!). 

A gift of a day.  Thank you Allan, Lindsay and David for your hard work and to my parents and Jb and BB who shared it with us.

Warm Maple Walnut scones

Beautiful Table
Beautiful Day
Amazing spread shared with family and friends
My beloved family who worked so hard!

Even cheerful cleaning up!

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