Friday, May 18, 2012


Some DIY........ this weekend I am going to DIM.....Do.It.Myself.

One of the rooms I love the most in my house is the Laundry Room.

It is also the room I hate the most when "everything" gets dumped in it.

So this weekend I am gutting it, throwing a little paint on the walls, sorting, chucking things, re-organising.....

I am excited. 

I love taking on home improvement projects. 

It grounds me purpose...we often do it as a family but Allan has papers to write and marking to do so he is only available for consultation (and intervention in dire circumstances!).  The kids will pitch in, I am sure,.....with commentary and advice if nothing else!

Starting a project and finishing it is a great feeling of accomplishment. 

I am sure it won't look gorgeous all the time and we will revert to our old "dump it in the Laundry Room and close the door" ways soon enough.....

But this weekend victory over the Laundry Room will be mine

My "after" photo's will not rival these beauties (due to my lack of a large budget, a crew of professionals and an interior name a few reasons) but I am sure I will be happy can dream....

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