Monday, May 28, 2012


It seems impossible that a day that happened 15 years ago can be so vividly recalled today. 

I clearly remember the first glimpse I got of the precious person we named Lindsay Erin Elizabeth Byres......

I am almost in as much awe today, as I was then, that this beautiful young woman turning 15 today is that same baby girl....I tried not to blink, I tried to drink it all in...and still feels too fast.

I feel overwhelmingly blessed that I was given this child, this girl, to mother. 

I am so proud of the young woman she is growing into. 

She has stretched me, taught me, loved me, laughed at me and with me, we have cried together, I have held her as she cried, we have ranted together and at one another, dreamed big dreams and small ones, celebrated big moments and small victories. we have had lots of adventures some planned, others not so much!  

She is so much our child, a composite of her Dad and I and yet SO much her own self....It is such a wonder to behold!

Missy Lindsay Lou - since that day 15 years ago when I counted all your fingers and all your toes I have loved ALL of you.  You are a light and a delight in my life and I am so proud of what you have made of your life this far. 

I am excited for what is ahead.

And no matter what - I will love you forever.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl.



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