Monday, May 7, 2012


I have often written on this blog about that inner sense I get when our lives have been a bit too hectic and we need a family day - a day or an adventure or a movie night at home to get re-grounded as individuals and as a family.  There are many accounts of these on this blog.....and we have found they really work to keep us together, connected and energized to get through another busy week, month, season.....

Last week was possibly the toughest we have been through in many many months......many tears were shed, much hard work was done, stress was high, tolerance low, hearts was a tough slog.  And somehow though my inner beacon was blaring loudly that our family was in need of a rescue, I just couldn't find the energy, the enthusiasm or the idea that would be perfect.

We are in the midst of some pain that blindsided us and drained each one of us to the point that over dinner on Thursday we talked about what we needed but none of us could really articulate what to do.....

Allan and I finally mustered enough energy to decide to spend some money and go away for one night. Somewhere close so we we didn't have to drive too far but somewhere new so that it was an adventure, somewhere on the water......we both love being on the water.

I took my trip sleuthing skills to the interweb and presto we had options.....we booked one night in Langley Washington on Whidbey Island at 4pm on Friday and left Saturday morning.

We had a good time away.  The Boatyard Inn was awesome and each of us had the time to think, to chat, to do the things that fill our souls......we rested, we laughed, we were quiet......we dreamed, we prayed......




We came home feeling blessed to have had the opportunity to be have been to new places, seen new things.....

I guess if I am honest I don't feel a ton better.....hearts are still heavy and the anxieties still persist but I do feel just a little more able to deal with them, I have some more perspective that sometimes you have to go away to get....and we have some more great family memories which always makes my heart glad.

All families go through tough times, this is not a crisis, it's just a tough time and we have the strength, the faith , the family, the friends and the sense of humour to weather this one. 

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