Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I am sure it is a common thing that when current circumstances seem overwhelming one tends to think about escaping.  For me this turns into an all consuming obsession with planning a vacation, a get-a-away.

Believe me when I tell you you I have neither the time nor the brain space to be dreaming of anything this week. And should not be planning vacations I have no time or money for.

But I cannot stop myself.

When I should be doing one million other things, a big conference with a gagillion details on Thursday on my shoulders, tons of issues at work, a class of particularly needy students, family stuff that needs my attention, soup to cook, house to clean, laundry......spending even 5 minutes dreaming of Hawaii or Aruba or Costa Rica is a complete waste of time.

Or is it?

Maybe the five (or 15 .....ok maybe 20 minutes) I spent trolling the Groupon/ LiveSocial etc Travel Deals and dreaming of  5 nights at a 5 star resort in the Caribbean for half price or a 3 day cycling tour of Napa, 3 days river rafting in Idaho, 6 nights in Maui.......was the break my over- taxed brain needed?

Maybe I needed to look out for a few minutes so get some perspective (and try not to hate all the people who already bought the half price tropical vacation)?

Maybe sometimes the point is just having something to dream about?

OK - break over - back to deadlines and delegates and a few minutes of dreaming here or there......

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