Saturday, May 3, 2014

This week

this week did not play ball.

it did not deliver.

it failed to meet expectations.

in any way.

but as i sit here mere minutes from putting on the soft pj's and crawling into bed with a book and a glass of wine at 747 pm  (don't judge me)......... i present just 10 of the craptastic ways this week blew

1) the shift key on my dear old dell is working only intermittently  - if there is a sentence that should have a capital call dell.......

20 this also affects the bracket key.......this is 2 not 20  ......

2.1) The Government lost one of my child care centres - so it won't fund it....... don't worry the kids are all fine, all there, so are the staff, the equipment........just need the folks in Victoria to BELIEVE and send $$$..... should happen soon.......surely...... it must......

3) two printers failed at the conference registration desk i was running.  Two.  

4) I arrived to teach after running a conference all day to find the entire contents of my class written on the white board.  For a moment i thought i was in the twilight zone until i realised the teacher from the previous night had covered my entire subject.  with the same class.  So i erased the white board before they arrived and taught as planned.  except for

5) when i wrote on the white board with a flip chart marker.  Sometimes teachers say bad words in front of students.

6)  i wore capri pants to work on a nice hot day.  Forgetting I was doing a construction site visit.  A new construction inspection fashion trend is now breaking out in east Richmond - you saw it here first.  You are welcome.

7)  There is mold growing in places is should not be.  A lot of it.  i cannot say more on this emerging mold issue right now but next week if you read in the media about a Richmond woman who lost her mind and did something will be me.  Stand by.

8) I dropped my phone 3 times this week......without its otter box on.......thankfully the fashion cover survived with only a few dings.  the phone appears to also be fine although my score in 2048 is still terrible.

9)  we said goodbye to our sweet French student - he was a pleasure to have, he kept his room so neat and tidy.....and he looked dashing in a scarf..... le sigh.... he was so sad to leave.

10) I had to teach all day today 9Saturday0 - I was sorely tempted to cancel as i was right out of emotional and physical resources after the week.....but i didn't.... I went in at the crack of dawn to be the week didn't leave much time for at 8:45am i was setting up when I heard a loud POP and the lamp on my 5 year old LCD projector blew......gonzo......and with it my power point, no dvd......despite my Dad running all over town trying to get me one. 

I have spent most of the day trying not to cry.

So here I am...... D O N E....... and so is the week..... perfect.


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