Monday, May 5, 2014

The Buck

The buck stopped on my desk big time today.

Today I stood in front of 30 families at Cook Road Children's Centre and told them we have to close the centre.

By the end of tomorrow.

By some very good fortune we have a space to move them too.

It's 5 minutes away.

It's a lovely space.

Full of light and new furniture.

They really didn't care.

They were shocked and surprised.

As was I when an unannounced work crew walked in 10 days ago to look at some water damage and pretty much dismantled large sections of the centre.

And found mold.

So we were ordered out late Friday and tomorrow we go.

Not without monumental efforts from my staff and I to ready the new space, do all the paperwork, speak to many officials and contractors and movers etc.....

But for the single Mom with no car and two kids and an early shift job..... it flat out stinks.

And I couldn't make it better.

And that stinks too.

Sometimes the buck is a very heavy thing.

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