Sunday, April 27, 2014

Classified (S)ad

We have a little cabin in the woods beyond Hope.

Hope BC.

"We" being my parents with occasional sweat equity from "us" by which I mean Allan. (Read Here and Here and Especially here  for evidence)

I have mostly contributed with ideas and project management with some minor roles in fire maintenance, food prep, cleaning and couch warming.

Also napping and drinking wine.

We have a journal at the cabin in which 20 years of visits and visitors have recorded story upon story of adventures both good and ..... less good.

We headed up there this weekend to offer our home stay student from France a quintessential Canadian experience.  Added to the log cabin in the forest we found an old fashioned diner with huge burgers and bigger milkshakes, a lake with backdrop of snow capped mountains, a mighty river..... We even found him a moose - a blue moose cookie...... best we could do.

He wrote in the journal as did our previous home stay from the same school two years ago.  They wrote in french but I am assured they were charmed by the cabin.

Most people are.

Us most of all.  Our children have had the blessing of having a place to escape to, to snuggle into, to connect with one another and nature...... oh the stories.....the many, many stories.......

So when I opened the journal today and read the last entry I couldn't stop the tears.

My parents , with Lindsay in tow, headed up last weekend.... to meet a Realtor.

Our little log cabin is officially for sale.

It is the right time.  For my parents. For all of us.

We use it too little.  It's time to realise the investment.

It's time to enjoy the time we have, hold on to the memories and hand over our little log cabin to another family to love and enjoy and make their own memories.......

We called it "Jabulani"  - Place of Joy.

And so it has been.

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