Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sisters Down Under

My Mom is in Australia right now visiting her sisters and their families (my Dad is there too!).  

It's a long way to go to visit family.  

My mom is the eldest sister.  And  a great one.  Also the shortest sister but we don't mention that if we know whats good for us.

She loves her sisters.  She misses them.

As mothers day came closer I had an idea......for a gift for my share an intentional time with each of her sisters.  

I wrote them this letter:

Hello Dear Ones:

I thought it would be fun for you to use this rare opportunity of being together to both reminisce and make some new memories.  Seeing as this was a Mother’s Day gift to my Mom I have a few instructions (don’t act shocked that the eldest daughter of the eldest daughter is giving directions J):

1.     You have $50 to play with – plan a date! Dinner, coffee and pastries, pedicures….

2.     You each have two cards each – on one you get to write a favourite childhood memory of each other. On the other, a few words about what your sister means to you….an appreciation of one another.

3.     Exchange them now or mail them to one another – just don’t forget to do it!

4.     I need photo’s ladies… take some selfies together (is it a selfie if there is more than one person?) …… some ideas:
a.     Back to back
b.     Ninja
c.      Side by side on a bench
d.     Take a real close up of your hands
Save these and send them to me.  Feel free to post to FB or Instagram too.  
My Mom is cool like that.

5.     Have so much fun……enjoy each other.

6.     I love you both!
I   I put the $, the letter, a photo or two, the appreciation cards and a couple of sister jokes in each envelope. 

    My Mom was delighted.

    And today I got photos of the two adventures.  I am so touched with the adventures they chose - both referenced their Mom, my Granny Carter (Norah - whose birthday was May 18th) who we all miss.

  My Mom and her youngest sister Shirley went to a Koala sanctuary and then out to tea at one of my Grans favourite spots.

  My Mom and her other sister Jenny went to Norah's Head Lighthouse and then out for lunch.

  My heart is so grateful for these special moments they have had together.  

      Cherished times.  

      They are 3 incredible women, wonderful role models, mothers, two are grandma's ..... 

      Carter Chicks Rock! 

       I don't see ninja photos yet through ladies - get on that ok....... xoxo

  From all accounts my parents are having a wonderful time in great sunny warm weather.  

      Here is my Dad in one of his happy places.

     Love and miss you all.

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