Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Note to myself

Take back the week

the day, the hour the moment......

Take it back.

Or rather resolve not to let it get away with your head, your heart, your peace

Ever again.

Say no to the sense of dread.

Square your shoulders and face "it"

Say no to the "one more thing".

Say no to the "But I have to, I should, I must"

Don't be discouraged by what had already "gone down"

The words already misspoken

The hours wasted

Resolve to do better.

In the next moment, hour, day week, month, year.

Don't ride the spiral of guilt and worry.

Embrace the moments as they are gifted to you.

Gifted.  Not certain.  Undeserved.

Not random......

And laugh..... at least smile.

Don't solve the problem, just take the next step.

Be curious and focus.

Focus on the details.....of the world....the chirp of a bird, the form of a cloud, the ripple on the water....

Calm yourself.

Find the joy.


Love abundantly and extravagantly and deeply.

And allow yourself to be loved.


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