Sunday, May 11, 2014

Anatomy of a Happy Day

We celebrated Mothers Day was thoroughly lovely in every way......

My amazing Mom - I was undeservingly lucky to get her as a Mom

The gift of these two - beyond measure

I was supposed to be shopping but I was snapping photos - such fun colours!

The peas are loving the sunshine (and the rain)

Who knew I would love this mutt so much 

He has H.A.D. (Human attachment disorder) he must touch a human when possible
Pink toes, blue jeans, green, freshly cut grass

Warm sunshine on my skin

A very sweet gardener

The final item - I now have the full set - this makes me VERY happy

Teenagers card choices 

Heart and love..... maybe some tears

Yummy addition to the pantry

Delightful addition and colour pop to my new cabinet

View from my hour on the couch

My very own Martha with a recipe for chocolate pudding
Martha at work

Appy hour during which a dance party broke out

Backyard grilling and dining


Double yum (and an epic photo bomb that left us in stitches)

David said "the sunset will be amazing"  I said "Lets go"

Such a sweet companion - an a budding photog

A beautiful end to a beautiful day

Blessed beyond.....loved....happy....lucky!

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