Saturday, May 17, 2014

May Long Weekend Myth

The May long weekend myth is one that has been perpetrated by Canadians on thousands of newcomers for decades.....maybe centuries.

The myth goes something like this: 
" Do not fear the winter for May will come and on the long weekend in May named Victoria Day for our esteemed Queen (?) summer will begin".

It further goes on to suggest that: 
"May long weekend all campgrounds will open, shuttered cottages will be opened and you may officially wear white clothing."

As newcomers having arrived in the dead of winter we clung to the myth. 

We looked deep into the eyes of the Canadians telling us of this glorious weekend and we believed.

And the first Victoria Day long weekend arrived and we were ready.  

With thousands others we spent interminable hours in ferry line ups to get to an island.

We fought valiantly with the mob for a piece of damp, cold earth in a wooded camp ground.

We pitched the tent alongside students about to graduate high school who brought nothing but beer and instant noodles and ghetto blaster to shatter the peace.

And then the rain started.  

As is always does.

And before you think that year was some sort of anomaly.  

Fear not.  

For in the 20 years of May Long weekends I have enjoyed survived it has rained far more than not.

However that was the last time we ever camped on the May Long Weekend - we may be newbies but we catch on quick.  

Our only solace that weekend after enduring late night drunkenness and raccoon stealing the custard kiss cookies I made, was that the raccoon also ate all the instant noodles of our neighbours who seemed stunned at this turn of event when they surfaced around noon.  Luckily they still had beer.

So as the clouds gather on the horizon this May long weekend and the weather forecast is for precipitation.  I send out my thoughts to those poor suckers in tents across the land, shivering and cold.

May-long-weekend-as-start-of-summer is a myth people.....

And let me tell you something folks.  You can go two ways with the "Myth of the May Long weekend".

1) Believe "them" and be depressed that this IS actually summer
2) Ignore "them", embrace the changeable spring weather (not in a tent) and hold on for the July 1 long weekend and try again.

Good Luck

Happy Victoria Day Long Weekend!

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