Monday, May 26, 2014

Strike out

Tomorrow is not the first strike we have lived through.

Likely not the last.

Much has been said on this topic by many more eloquent than I.

But hear this.

Tomorrow is NOT a holiday.

Tomorrow is not paid. By anyone.

In fact in addition to to being unpaid tomorrow the government has levied a 10% cut to teachers pay for every other day this week.  And maybe more.

Teachers would far rather be in their classrooms teaching.

But it is MORE than worth it to my family to lose the income.

We will take the hit.

Because enough is enough.

My children are in the over-crowded, under-funded system too.

All BC children deserve classrooms that accommodate them, enough books for all of them, enough of the teachers attention to learn.

I am frankly embarrassed that in Canada in 2014 we are standing up for something as basic as the right to education in acceptable conditions.

It is a disgrace.

 It's a spit in the face of democracy and our court system.

To all Educators walking the picket line this week and to all the CUPE workers supporting them and for parents and students who will walk with them or support them through social media campaigns and petitions - I thank you.

Change is coming.

Of that there is no doubt.

Let it be the change our children deserve.

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