Saturday, March 30, 2013

The shape of a day

Some days have a certain shape.  You know what point they start at .....where they will go.... how they will feel.

Like Sundays....... or Mondays.....they have a particular feel.

Like shopping days in the USA.

They start early.  There are line-ups.  Breakfast at Avenue Bread.  There is a lot of walking.  Decision making.  There is coffee.  There are new clothes.  Deals found.  Things picked up and left behind.  Sometimes regret.  There is driving.  There is Trader Joes. Cheap gas. More line-ups.

I wasn't really "feeling" a US shopping day.  I was feeling tired.

 But David is off to Outdoor Ed at Strathcona for a week and anything that fitted him 5 minutes ago is too short in both the arms and the legs.  He needed gear.  Allan needed shoes.

We also wanted to test taking Spanner across the line.

So we headed the sun rose.....the mist hanging close to the ground.

The day had that had the shape I was expecting.

Short line-up, no issue with the

We got deals.  Lots of good deals.  David's list of gear well checked off.

We were done.  Or more correctly the bank account was sufficiently dented that I wondered if, for the first time ever, we had pushed the limit too far.

We were ready to head end the day as these days end.

But then I had an idea.  An idea born of sunshine and a sense of adventure, of taking the shape of this day and stretching it out....making it a different shape.

We turned left off the i5 and headed to LaConner.......and lunch on a sunny deck......and fields of daffodils....

I will let the photos tell the rest of the story.

It was a lovely shaped day.  Maybe a one-of-a-kind shaped day.  It fit perfectly into the space in my heart that was waiting for it even without knowing it.

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