Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Vacation traditions

What says vacation to you?....... what things do you have to have when going on a vacation?

I guess in this case I am talking about a self-catering road trip vacation.

Here are 10 of my have-to's......

1. It should start dark and early.  I know its a pain but it makes it feel exciting to set off in the dark.  And heading south through the tunnel before rush hour is a bonus that cannot be sneered at!

2. There will be rubbermaids and MEC bags stacked in the truck full of gear.  Too much gear. Always.  That's the joy of a truck right there.  In the Mazda we would be editing the gear for sure.

3.  There will be baking....preferably these ginger cookies for dunking.....and it leaves the house smelling great!

4.  There will be sandwiches or buns for lunch on the side of the road.....its always exciting to find a spot to pull over and with the hound on his first vacation with us we will be finding plenty of those!  Egg salad buns and cold sausages......ahhh the memories!

5.  We will have the GPS (Tom Tom) talk to us in funny voices especially as we kinda know where we are going this time.  No matter what it will take longer than I expect.

6. We always say an out-loud prayer as we drive down Steveston highway - Allan gets a pass on closing his eyes.  We pray for angels and travelling mercies....and sunshine.

7. We choose the wrong line up..... border or ferry..... never fails.  It's comical now and if we ever get in a fast line I think we will feel cheated of the all whining and complaining.

8. There will be car snacks.....lots of car snacks.......mostly chocolate covered peanuts and liquorice all sorts.

9. The children will nap, there will be rocking tunes, there will be coffee.  There will chats and laughter.  I love the little cocoon we are travelling along the highway.

10.  And ever since I was a little girl and the big treat was these cereals I just cannot resist packing's like a reflex reaction......these artificial, sugary, calorie-laden junk cereals say VACAY like nothing else does.....

Next time I feel in desperate need of a vacation maybe I will just buy myself a box of these?

So we will be up at 5:15am - on the road at 6:15am and on the ferry at 7:45am........and some time tomorrow we will arrive at lovely house on Chesterman Beach outside Tofino.  Lets pretend there is no Wind Warning and the temps are not -1 to a high of 7 degrees C...... we have a house and jackets and a hot tub..... who could ask for more?

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