Monday, March 18, 2013

Well Hello

Well hello my blog. 

How are ya? 

Been a while eh?

And here we meet, mainly because there is so much other work I should be doing now.  Reports to write, delegates to register, papers to mark.......lists to make, packing to do.....

But I would rather hang with you.

I am all alone at home (so the neighbourhood can all relax because the axe murderer is in my backyard) and feeling a tad overwhelmed.

I have so many stories to tell you, dear blog, life has been full to the many things happening as my teaching term came to a close, my building projects approach critical points, my staff visited Hilltop, my family are on spring break, my lovely girl friends and I had a fabulous night on the town, St Pats was a great green party at my parents with the soon departing Hofs........ each one a story for you, dear blog, all written at 4am when the pixies in my head start to stir and sleep is often gone for good.  

If only the stories would fall, fully formed, onto my pillow and be instantly downloaded here........

Alas.....the march of time and the fullness of life has put the squeeze on Nicky's Space in every possible way.

But in just two days I am going to push back those things that crowd me now.  

I am going to fill up my lungs with salty, cold, windswept air and exhale slooooowly.  

I am going to wander the sands with my beloveds.  

I am going to take photos, read books, sit in the hot tub, eat and sleep (hopefully past 4am).  

I am taking back the space, Nicky's Space.  Even if just for a few days.  

And hopefully , dear blog, we will commune again, and I will fill you up with tales of wonder and delight and adventure.

I SO look forward to that.

But for now I must return to that other space that requires my attention.


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