Friday, March 1, 2013

Asian Continuing Education

There was an audible gasp when I told my beloved colleagues I was continuing my Asian Food Education without them.

I felt a tiny bit bad.

For a minute or two.

But then I was excited about my new adventures and my new adventurers.


I am officially in love with a restaurant.

I could eat here every week. It's in 'my' village and it feels like eating at a friends house.  The young man who does most of the serving (the son of the owner?) is so calm and friendly and delightful....he wears suspenders and he is as thin as a toothpick....adorable.

I have been 3 times since it opened..... twice this week ...... The first time with fellow foodie and friend EV and we had was was perfect.

Last Friday my two boys and I ventured in and were soon munching away happily and chatting to the people next to us who were super friendly strangers and very free with their recommendations about what we should be an endearing a way we were sad when they left.....but not too sad if you know what I mean.  We had wontons, salad rolls, lemongrass chicken and more and between the 3 of us we had both desserts (deep fried banana with ice cream and THE cake).  Lindsay was all the while cursing us by text as she babysat so I took her a blizzard when we got home (and now I am back in contention for Mother of the Month).

Lots of people we knew came in and out while we ate......Allan is now experiencing the joys of teaching close to home.....students every time we turn around. Ha!

The server was lovely and I mentioned I had read a recent review by the Richmond Food Blogger who said the Toasted Coconut Cake was amazing and that I wanted a piece.....he said it was going fast but he kept one for me.  Truly amazing....light and coconutty but not too much....I declared it will be a Steveston Sensation and he was tickled pink as he is not only the server but also the baker!!!  Yes... you can order the whole cake......I wish my birthday was not 11 months away!

Oh and the coffee......with condensed sip and Allan says "Where has this coffee been all my life?"

I was back there again today with dear friend and co conspirator in life and all things conference and teaching and dog....JB.....and I had the Vietnamese Pad Thai. It was perfection on a plate.  Maybe because it was pouring rain and I had just run 3.5 km...whatever was everything I wanted it to be.

And we split a piece of cake.  Stupid idea.

So if you live here - go to Steveston Vietnamese when you can.....but be warned ..... there was a line up the last two times I was there.

My other foray was with the "Queens of West" -  EV and GH...... such great and adventurous friends and colleagues.

They took me to Haroo Homestyle Korean.

It was like stepping into someones home......very comfortable and simple and ...well...homey.
The menu had photos which were of no help to me.  I looked to GH (ultimate foodie that she to Europe she is idea where she is going to stay but has every meal mapped out!) and chose L7.  It was beef with rice and noodles and several little side dishes.   It looked so lovely on the tray even if I had no idea what most of it was.

The beef was spiced perfectly and the rice and sprouts all mixed in were super tasty.  The rice cakes - like little grubs in a delicious sauce had a springy texture but were enjoyable.  The salad was fresh and the dressing remarkable (GH assures me they make it all themselves).  The owner served us and informed us it was their last Thursday lunch service as from now on they will only be open for lunch Friday-Sunday.  He also thought he knew me.....from somewhere....of course I get that all the time....especially in tiny obscure Korean restaurants!?? Odd.

 A great experience thanks my friends.

So there you have it.......continuing to expand my ethnic food repertoire one nation at a time....I think I hear the Philippines calling my name.....(and can I just say that thanks to working out 5- 6 days a week I am losing weight not gaining!).

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