Monday, March 11, 2013

Shower Angst

I went to a great Jazzercise class and sweated a lot.

I came home as Allan and David and Spanner were leaving for Puppy Training class and Lindsay was already at her babysitting job.

I needed a shower.
I love to shower.
Long, hot showers after I workout are my little luxury. (sorry global warming)
I think, I let the stress drain away, I make lists in my head, plan events, sometimes I pray. is the thing.

Showering while alone at home instantly brings to mind all manner of horror movies............ none of which I have ever seen.

I cry during Little House on the Prairie for goodness sake.....not a chance I would watch Psycho and yet I am sure "that" shower scene is about to play out.

A scene that I have never actively watched!!!!

I think I "watched" a few horror films as a teen girl rite of passage but I assure I had my eyes closed and spent most of the time screaming.

It has been well established on this blog that I am a certified, advanced level Catastrophic thinker so you can imagine how this is going.

I lock all the doors, turn on all the lights..... I turn off the radio so I can hear the killer coming and I never close my eyes in the shower.

This being such a common worry here in British Columbia, Canada where the homicide rate is under 100 / year and apparently 88 of those people were known to police which I am not (as far as I know) nor am I running a drug lab in the downstairs closet which might make me a target.

And it is not as if having my family at home would necessarily stop my bloody murder.  They are either plugged into a device or watching TV and they can't hear the dryer when it stops in the room next to where they are sitting so my screaming in the upstairs bathroom will not be heard.

Of course we have taught the dog not to bark so he will be no help and as far as he knows there is no upstairs in this house anyway and we want it to stay that way.

Needless to stay I had a quick shower tonight.

My only consolation is that our ensuite shower is so hideous (think 70's brown tile with yellow flowers) that even a deranged killer would run screaming from the bathroom

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