Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break Sneaks Away

And just like that Spring Break 2013 is history.

Lindsay only has two more Spring Breaks of her school career.


We are now headed into the Sprint for the Summer.......Heads down, academic focus on, and in a very short measure of weeks the Summer will be here and the 2012/2013 school year will be in the books.

It has been a lovely break for us all even with me working half of it.

It was lovely to reacquainted with Tofino and I feel it will pull us back again and again...hopefully in the summer months when its warmer.  The surfers will surf again.

We had a great day in the States (as my last post described).

We celebrated my parents 46th Wedding Anniversary and my Mom's retirement with a lovely dinner at Sandbar on Granville Island.  How proud I am of them for 46 years of commitment and love and so delighted that my Mom gets to have a little more free time to pursue some of her passions long left on the sidelines as she followed a stellar and storied career that held so many unexpected twists and turns, delights and disappointments, mountain tops and valleys.  Her desire was to finish the race well, and, as with most everything she has ever done, she did that and more and can be justifiably delighted with the way she breasted the finish tape.  A marathon well run.

We printed 60 pieces of paper that said "Every day is Saturday" and hid them all over their apartment while they were away this weekend...... that should keep her busy for a day or two.

And in between all of that we:

did woodwork projects
enjoyed the sun

ran and worked out
watched movies
accomplished some chores in the house
walked the dog
mowed the lawn

visited with friends
cleaned bedrooms

played nerf gun wars in the park
went to a Canucks game
baked and cooked

cleaned up the garden
texted friends
taught the dog new tricks

harvested the last of the leeks
took photos
reflected on Easter
went for walks
nursed a sore neck and back
played minecraft
researched and booked more of our trip

we hugged and laughed and talked - a lot.

No one wants to get back to the business and busyness of the regular schedule tomorrow but we are grateful for what we did have these past 2 weeks.

Very grateful

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