Sunday, March 10, 2013

It all adds up......

On Friday night I ran 3.87km. 

Allan and I then enjoyed an all to rare date night during which I ate 5 BBQ ribs at the Hog Shack in Steveston.  After 3 hours on our own we picked up the kids from the Loves after a fun youth group party.

I slept 6 hours.

My 3 Roboteers set out at the crack of dawn for BCIT.  I walked Mr. Spanner as the sun was trying to break through the was a bit eerie.

Then JB and I took 35 students to the Reifel Bird Sanctuary on a field trip for 3 hours.  We saw 175 ducks, 12 Canada Geese, 2 owls, 2 cranes and an eagle.

Although it took us 30 minutes to drive there we were less than 1 mile from Steveston (across the water) which somehow always blows my mind.

Then I taught for 2.5 hours and moved all the furniture in the daycare for the painters to have access to the walls.

Allan and David went to the soccer wrap party where David was given an award for being the bravest player.  Lindsay still recovering from a bad cold watched 90210 on TV while edited 176 photos of birds.

We went to bed at 10pm which was 11pm because the clocks sprung forward.  Woke up at 6am which was really 5am and spent the rest of the day confused about what the heck the real time is.  

Was not late for church though...phew.

Ran on the dyke in dry weather for the 2nd time this weekend...3.5km today on my 17th run to date.

Lindsay made apple pancakes and bacon for brunch. 

I had 3 pancakes and 2 rashers of bacon and 2 cups of coffee.

2 people in my household napped while 1 did homework and I registered 21 people for conference whole checking on my instagram photo challenge which currently has 25 likes....

Off to spend 1 hour putting the daycare back together before heading to White Spot for dinner - party of 6.

Then hopefully home for a solid 7 hours of sleep.

First person reading this to correctly calculate the sum of the numbers in this post wins a prize.... GO
PS: David please do the math for Mama and no - you can't are family

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