Tuesday, March 26, 2013

THE Annual Physical

So most of you know of my scheduling snafoo at Christmas (read about it HERE).

Some of you know I recently scheduled a dentist appointment at 7:30am.

On a Monday.

And now....in what is becoming a disturbing trend....I have scheduled my annual (or in my case its been 2 years) physical for a day after coming back from vacation where I a) ate without counting calories and b) did not stick to my fitness regime.

So while in the intervening two years since she saw me (and the heart and stroke tape measure around my girth was in the "red" zone) I have been exercising my butt off (well not entirely off yet but an inch or so higher and a great deal lighter) and counting those blasted calories and burning them faster than they can multiply, I can only hope when the weights on her scale stop clanking like a steam train coming into the station...they will tell the same truth my whisper quiet digital scale tells me.....which is that I am a great deal less heavy than I was then.

Of course I should have been on bread and water for 2 days but alas it was more like wine and cheese!

I have yet to decide whether to wear a bulky old sweatshirt and only reveal my slightly more trim and slender body as a surprise (thus causing her to forget the heart and stroke tape measure as my girth is still a work in progress) or to wear an all in one ultra-light lycra suit so as to add nothing to the scale.

And then there is my list.

Oh don't act surprised - you all know I would have a list for the Dr.

I have several things I wish to discuss: the pain in my arm, immunizations for South Africa, and the odd depressions in my skull that are bothering me (and about which my family thinks I am being ridic)......and a few other things.  

My Dr will be running 45-60 minutes late but the list will be dealt with.

So come what may tomorrow..... whatever the various tests show.....I do believe I am healthier now than I was then.  A bit lighter too and that in two years from now (when I repeat this palava) I will be fitter and trimmer still.

Unless those depressions on my head are not ridic.


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