Saturday, March 23, 2013

Surfer Aerobics

Allan and Lindsay went to to surf school today.   The air temp was 6 degrees C.  Who knows what the water temp was but they claim they were warm and toasty in their 6mm wet suits.   David and I stayed on the beach in the wind until we were frozen but we did catch the pre-surf workout / aerobics / Irish jig / Tai Chi....

Listening to the safety lecture...

Running on the spot was too boring for Allan so he did some Irish Dancing

The other caught on quickly and Allan went back to running


Demonstrating how to stand up to a wave

Lindsay posing her surfing stance

Checking our her Dad's style

Practicing the Party Wave moves (when more than one person catches the same wave)

Surf Ballet?
Sand Padling?

Down.... ready

The Pop Up

Lindsay forgot to keep going... still popping up

Now she's up
Two Popsicles off to surf

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