Friday, September 21, 2012

Meet the Teacher

Or "Meet the Creature" as the teenagers call it.......and how fascinating it is to come face to face with these legends.

One of the things that has amazed me as I drive rugby teams, soccer team, go on field trips, listen to kids at my house is how much they talk about their teachers.

I am going to estimate its over 60% of their total conversation in terms of topic. 

And it's usually pretty black and white. 

There are the good "guys" and the "bad" guys.....

Oh the wailing tails of too much homework, teachers who talk too much, mark too hard, aren't fair, don't hand back work, won't listen, tell inappropriate stories, blather on about their personal lives etc etc.... all HUGE sins in the eyes of the teenage learner. 

There are also the "Ah-may-zing" teachers who are organised (funny how teenagers love this in teachers but are often disorganized themselves or is that just my kids?), who listen, give interesting and engaging work, get work back quickly, play fair, are interested in their students, who help.

As a Mom I listen to all with a hefty handful of salt (especially with an actual "creature" in the family).

So on Meet the Teacher Night I find it fascinating to meet these teachers.

In our high school you follow your child's schedule (which is  usually over 2 days) and have 8 minutes in each class.  Of course I tried to follow two children's schedules - that is 16 blocks in the space of 8.  So I dropped the PE/Band/Business classes in David's schedule and picked up a few of Lindsay's academic subjects and that new Tech teacher had to be checked on.

I have to say how impressed I was with every teacher I met.....that at the end of a long day they make their presentations 7 times in a row, under huge time pressure, try to connect with parents....we truly need to appreciate the immense dedication of teachers to their work and their students. Even the grouchy, kinda weird teacher.

Most teachers were friendly and engaging and informative.....I made notes....I got good contact info..... I understand so much better what is going on for my kids in class.

And the hallway dash was crazy but so fun......seeing lots of friends and people I know (some whose kids were in my child care centres)....lots of connections.

Oh the joy of having my kids at school in our community....I love it!

But I tell ya that Mr Byres......and his crazy dog..... just kidding... It was awesome to be a parent in Allan's class and see him as Teacher in his element.  I walked in and he was introducing himself to all the parents and I stood in line.... we shook hands "Hello Mrs Byres", "Hello Mr Byres".... totally deadpan....then I took my seat. Most people never guessed. 

I can't wait for parent/teacher interviews.... ;)

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