Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Austerity and Order

The summer break is done and dusted......it went too fast. That is all.

And now the "cruise to Christmas" is upon us (not to be confused with "Sprint to Spring Break") ..... the darkening days, the cooler, crisp days, the changing light and colours, time to harvest, time for soup and scarves.....(Rachel Manaras cover your eyes) even the rain will start again.

The carefree, schedule-free days are all done.....alarm clocks are pressed back into full service, there are lunches to be packed, a puppy to be walked, soccer practices, meetings, conferences and Allan heads into the home-straight of his degree.

It's time for LISTS and CALENDARS people...... Woot woot! 

I am gonna print me off a calendar and (as I do every year .... for September), colour code the entries of who is going where and when and then post it on the fridge in all it's colour-coded glory.

Where no one will ever look at it.

But I will have the smug satisfaction of pointing out the calendar when someone claims they had "no idea" they had an orthodontic appointment or that I was working late and they were on their own for dinner.

So that takes care of Order (as much as we will ever get anyway)

And now for Austerity.

A colleague and friend told me she never goes on diet - her pants just tell her when to eat less. 

My pants have been having a wee word with me.....and it turns out the Mazda 5 has its own spare tire and doesn't need me to carry an extra one around my waist in case we get a flat. 

Someone should have told me sooner.  Just saying.

I did so well for so long and although I am still 4 pant sizes down from where I started.... I kinda let go the last couple week of the summer - stopped working out and stopped counting calories. Oh.... and wine.....I had "some" wine.....

And now my pants have something to say...... well ok then.  I hear ya.

Back to to my tried, tested and true regimes of Jazzercise 3x per week, now supplemented with Puppy walks (soon to be puppy jogs/runs) and calorie counting.  It is quite a relief to know it will work....I can do this. 

I can make the pants shut up.

Happy New Year to us all.

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  1. did you absolutely NEED to mention that the rains are coming?!?!?! i'm still basking in the beige (no longer bronze) skin tone and reluctantly trying to wrap my brain around full-length pants and SOCKS (i hate socks)!!! rach