Tuesday, September 25, 2012

River Walk

aka The too early, dark and cold, Puppy fight/drag/walk

Things we see:

1.  Every morning we see an elderly woman collecting recyclable materials....quietly walking along, all alone....I am curious about her story.

2. The young people arranging the tables and chairs outside the Starbucks - noisily dragging the chairs across the concrete.  Makes me wonder about those people in the apartments above....a downside of urban living I guess?

3. The older (than me) couple running with their back dog.  Who also runs.  On his leash.   All three of them silent except for their footfalls.

4. The young couple walking their little one....tired, pushing a stroller but also carrying a backpack carrier in case....doing whatever it takes to keep their baby happy....they know Spanner by name now and we call out "Hello's" in the dark, walking in opposite directions.  I say a little prayer for them that their baby will sleep.  I think we both feel less alone when we connect.

5. The local high school principal who runs along at an impressive pace, also calling out our names as he whistles by.  He knows Spanner too.

6. The "know-it-all" dog owner who never remembers she has met us before and always gives us training advice as our puppy runs circles around her, jumping and snapping mortifying us.  She actually suggested after seeing us for 15 seconds that it looked like Spanner might have an earache and we should massage his ear canal.  Sure lady...sure.  We have radar on for her now and take extreme diversionary tactics.

7.  The three racoons.....great when we see them down by the river fishing but unnerving when we don't...where are they lurking?  I suspect the blackberry bushes by the bridge and I worry they will appear one day.  I am sure one smack upside the head from a raccoon and snappy, biting Spanner will cower behind my legs and then what?  Should I carry a stick? Some spray?  Cower behind Allan?

8.  The couple walking - he walks forward and she walks backwards.... is this so they can talk?  Is he spotting for obstacles she might walk back into?

9.  A beautiful heron on a log - all regal and picturesque......until startled and then lets out the most blood-chilling sqwark sounds....freaks me right out.

10. Serious runners plugged into iPods, ponytails bobbing, arms pumping. A slight nod, a slight smile, a silent prayer we don't let go of our dog.  Who is suddenly interested in running.  With strangers. On his leash.

11. Solo amblers out for an early morning walk.... couldn't sleep?  early riser?.... nodded "Good mornings".

Getting up is hard but once we get to the river and once Spanner loses the daily "will-I-walk-or-won't I?" battle, it can be quite charming......

Until it starts raining.

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