Friday, September 14, 2012

Down home hospitality

Photo Credit: Leigh Langman
We LOVE to entertain at home.

We were given the gift of a house that, after a big renovation, is perfect for entertaining, especially in the summer.

It's not perfect...... there is so much more we could do, might day when degrees are done and puppies grow day.

I dream of backyard makeovers with lovely stamped concrete and a stone clad chimney....a hot tub? Lovely patio furniture.....

I love getting the house ready - choosing a theme for the table and setting the scene.....

And so many, more important ways, it doesn't matter.

What matters is the people we get to have a meal with.

And the food, the food matters.

And the wine ......

Photo Credit: Leigh Langman
Photo Credit: Leigh Langman

We had the joy and privilege of having several memorable evenings in our backyard this summer - and this late summer sun is affording us a few more.

In the end its the conversation, the laughter, the debate, the craziness, the delicious food that lingers in my mind

And makes me so grateful for my family who all pitch in and are so good at hosting and helping, family that lives close by, for wonderful friends who cook and eat and visit, for the sweet little people who cuddle and run and add such vibrancy to our evenings.

So many blessings

So blessed.

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  1. Your family has a wonderful gift of hospitality - not to mention great food and company - who could ever resist such a combo???