Friday, September 28, 2012


I hate shopping for clothes.  I do it only under duress.  When my pants fall off in Jazzercise.

I don`t shop online. Except on Amazon occasionally.

So when I saw a t-shirt for myself online yesterday and purchased it immediately, not only was I shocked myself but my family had to pick up their jaws off the floor when I told them when I got home.

Lindsay: ``You bought clothes. A t-shirt. Online.  Are you ok?"

Well here's the thing........not really......I am not really feeling ok.  I am fine on many levels but its been a tough week, a tough 6 weeks or so......just many minor things......and I feel worn out.  And a bit down in the dumps.

My paystub reveals I took no vacation in the Summer which may be kicking my butt now and with no plans for a Christmas vac I am about to pull out the VISA and book Hawaii for Spring Break and bill it to my medical plan as a mental health intervention because it will be that if I survive until then! 

Lucky I don't actually have a VISA.......sigh....

So as much as I did like the shirt....I think it was the clear double meaning that appealed in the moment.
Hopefully by the time it arrives it with be the camera happy Mama that embraces the shirt and not the slightly mentally and emotionally unstable one who purchased it.

Happy Friday!

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