Saturday, September 15, 2012


 The end of summer harvest from out veggie garden has been so rewarding.

After the early despair I detailed here and the early summer bounty that ensued it has exceeded my expectations.

We ended up using all the lettuce (2 varieties) and did a second planting (of 2 different varieties) which we are just beginning to harvest now.

We had a bumper crop of carrots (I may have forgotten to thin them when they sprouted) and we have had to harvest them all as the puppy eats carrots as a snack and when he discovered there was an entire planter full we had "trouble".
About half the crop
Our tomatoes have been the best ever and we have tons left on the plants trying to ripen in this late September sun but we may have to ripen then inside (you can do that right?).  Our red onions were so pungent - a great success.  We also have had the best ever pepper crop too - red and green.  Such little bushes produced so many peppers - also so packed full of flavour.

Last weekend I cut up all the veggies that were ready (and a zucchini from the farm) and made some pasta sauce for the freezer.  It will be like eating a mouthful of summer when we use it so I am saving it for the darkest, drearierest January day.
We also harvested an abundence of herbs, washed, dried and froze them for use through the winter.
There are still leeks and potatoes in the ground  - I feel a soup will result one of these days!

Its been a great veggie season....better than some.  As usual we didn't plan far enough ahead to have a full Fall crop ...... next year, next year.

Oh....and..... our rain barrel lasted all summer (so far) dry as it was......such a great investment.

Did you grow a veggie garden this year?

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