Friday, September 7, 2012

Embracing my "Inner Asian" Part 1

On my Summer 2012 "Bucket List"  was #3 - Visit the Richmond Night Market.

(You can have a bucket list for a summer.....of course you can... don't let anyone tell you different!)

It took me all Summer to get to #3.......but on September 1, 2012 - I checked it off my bucket list!

On David's 13th Birthday evening the whole family caught the skytrain to the River Rock and got in the loooong line-up to get into the Night Market.
I admit, such skeptics were we, that we ate a bit of a snack before we went.

When I saw the line I felt good about that decision.

However the line went super fast and in a few minutes we were in.   We followed the crowd to the "back" of the market to the food area and employed a divide and conquer approach.... someone get seats, someone get in the line for Rotator.....someone else get other food...someone else take photos....

It was about this time I realised that I had forgotten my camera and only had my iPhone...after feeling crushed for a moment I decided to embrace the restrictions of the iPhone camera and go for it.

It was also at this moment I totally regretted eating before we came. Stupid white rookie move. UGH!

It was so exciting wandering around all the stalls - the smells so enticing.  Some vendors had amazing systems for moving customers through quickly - like the rotator folks - they have it down!!  And the Dim Sum..... but the Roti guy was overwhelmed and I didn't wait.....the bubble waffles were slow too....but who walks away from a chocolate bubble waffle......????

Having eaten and snacked and unable to justify any further food purchases - not to mention the place was now a cheery and friendly sort of way..... we took off to see what the rest fo the market held.

In short........
iPhone case stalls  - tempting - hilarious....... but no thanks
I do think if Allan really loved me he would have got us these matching cases.
Hello Kitty - everywhere
Beauty products  - interesting / dubious / OH MY children avert your eyes
Household products - Buy one Samurai sword get one free - Bonus!
Techno gadgets - iKnockoffs at amazing prices. Also violent DVD's with subtitles. And laser pointers
2 Psychics   - one busy, one not (how would you know who was better?)
And one healthy fruit stand.
We had a great evening - lots of photos are ok..... Allan's are much better...... :)
We are going again this weekend - with empty tummies......MMMMMmmmmm.

And all this led to an exchange with my friend Jennifer........

Honorary Asian!!!!!!  Nicola Bai.......... *blush*

More on my Asian education and induction into the "White Girls Asian Hall of Food Fame" coming up soon......

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