Friday, March 20, 2015

Snow Day

Just like the bratty kid it is, NYC couldn't just be happy I loved it but tried to test my love by throwing a winter storm at us on this, the alleged first day of Spring!

Well nice try NYC.

I'll admit the walking into the blowing snow on Broadway and 5th Avenue got slightly tiresome and the slushy sidewalks   were a tad tricky but once those snowflakes stuck their sparkly blanket only made you more magical.

Plus we're Canadians dude...with good boots.

In the 15km we walked today plus another bus tour and couple subway rides we covered SoHo, NoHo, Little Italy where we ate a fantastic "pie" at Lombardis ... The oldest pizzeria in the USA, Wall St, Flat Iron, Freedom tower, Garment and theatre district, 5th Ave especially Sacks where THE prom dress was acquired!!! Back to Little Italy for a charming dinner and a cab ride home with a rookie snow driver! 

WHAT a day! 

Very tired and looking forward to crashing into bed (thankful for the white noise machine in my room!).

Ok NYC... Tomorrow lets play nice ok?


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