Sunday, March 22, 2015


Life is too short to eat bad food... Yes? 

That applies especially to food eaten in the 6 days you have in NYC.

We have eaten well so far but today.. Today we checked a few things off the "To Eat" list.

Bagel and Lox at the iconic Katzs Deli was first up....

Quite the over priced experience we are still glad we did! $12.50 for a bagel.... Also glad we split it!  The cawfee was good though.. Lindsay can speak New York now!

Then we got some brain food with an excellent tour at the Tenement Museum. A well done and moving account of an Irish Family trying to survive in a complicated and harsh time in the development of this city. 

After that we met up with our Multi Ethnic food tour of the Lower East Side. We wandered through the neighbourhoods  trying various foods... We promised each other we would try everything and we did although fried plantains, spicy tofu and sour pickles won't be repeated at our house anytime soon!   Bialys, halva, cannoli's, some italian cheeses and meats... They were delicious.  It was a great couple of hours although it was mighty chilly today! 

To warm up we had a very old world afternoon cappuccino at Ferrara in Little Italy....and more cannoli of course!

We wandered home  through the eclectic East Village and Tompkins Square Park.

After a brief rest at the apartment we headed back into the village to a tiny restaurant called "Bob White" for an utterly sublime southern fried chicken supper that cost less than our earlier bagel! 

A mere 18km today... An early night, sirens and honking permitting, before the Met and the Majestic Theater bookend our day tomorrow! 

Excited we are. 


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