Monday, March 16, 2015

Peace in chaos

Work always reaches a level of  insanity right before I go away anywhere.

Its a law of nature.

or Something.

Of course I scheduled everyone for Spring Break dental appointments, one vehicle had to go to the mechanic today and the other very soon, I needed my new jeans hemmed.

And we leave for NYC in 48 hours.

Not packed.

Doing laundry now..... still haven't decided on what to use for carry on, whether or not to schlep my laptop.....

My AirBnB  guy is being a little slow to respond.

I don't have USD (in the vain hope the CDN dollar catches up a bit)

So I should be on all that.  Especially as I am working until hours before we leave

But...... I needed to walk-in some new-ish shoes and it looked to be a pretty sunset....and I needed a little more practice with my camera......and Spanner needed a walk.....

So.....this..... this happened.....

Ok ...the dryer stopped......time to face the suitcase!


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