Thursday, March 19, 2015

NYC day 1

There are two kinds of people.

Those that have been to NYC, loved it and can't wait for you, NYC newbie, to go and do likewise.

Then there are those who have never been but want to go and want you, NYC newbie, to gather intel to bring home to share. 

Both can be ever so enthusiastic with and for you and both add some pressure to the situation of being the newbie. 

Especially this people-pleasing newbie.

But what no one can prepare you for is NYC.

I am relatively well travelled. 

I have been in big American cities. 

I thought I had as much of a handle on visiting here as time and energy allowed. 

I had many people give me many suggestions, tips and recommendations.

But now I know you can never really be prepared for NYC.

It's bigger than that.  It's bolder than that. It's more confident and self assured.  It's the cocky popular kid you want to dislike but who is altogether too nice to ignore.

And I have fallen hard. 

I am not sure how we shall ever be parted.

Me and NYC.

No hideous red-eye, lack of sleep,slow  luggage, maniac taxi driver, blaring horns outside, apartment on the edge of dodgy but perfectly New York could take the shine off this day.

This first day.

The brief nap for some, the coffee and waffle in the East Village where a lady,on hearing we were from Vancouver, came over to welcome us to NYC. For real.

The Subway attendant who scared us a bit but was totally pulling our leg.

And us managing the subway like a boss... No trouble! 

And then we popped up from underground in Bryant Park and the love affair began. 

The building, the taxis, the ever-present NYPD, the hustlers dressed as superheroes, the lights, the sirens, the manic honking, the giant stores... The theaters .... Oh friends.... Words fail.

We wandered, we marveled, we took it all in.

We hopped on a bus tour of Uptown that covered so much ground we would never have had the chance to see otherwise.

And eventually we dragged out exhausted selves home via the grocery and wine store to reflect and plan our next few days now knowing what we know.

And the selfie stick was deployed again.

It's going to snow tomorrow. 3-5 inches. All that will do is add to the charm. 

Nothing could take the shine off my love for this place today.

Day 1... Expectations exceeded.

Exhausted.... Heart full.


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