Saturday, March 21, 2015


Epic is an overused word I am sure most of us would agree.

But epic was made for a specific occasion.

And that occasion was today.


So epic we have broken ourselves ... We have repetitive strain injuries.... In our legs. 

23km walked.

My feet want a divorce.

But no other day might ever be this epic again.

In order: 

A bus ride to Chelea Market at 8:30am. A very cool space but for the city that never sleeps.... Remarkably asleep for a Saturday morning.

Then I did the one job I had to do while in NYC... Be guarantor for a "lost" Canadian and his passport application... A diner breakfast with the charming Zachary Owens!

Then to Wall Street...

Trinity Church

Staten Island Ferry with views of the Statue of Liberty and the lower Manhatten  skyline ( on a hazy post snow day) 

I used my good camera more today so please excuse these iPhone shots.

Then a very serendipitous wrong train ride that took us to exactly the perfect spot we needed to be (it's a long story).

We walked from Brooklyn to Manhatten on the Brooklyn Bridge..... Be still my heart!

At the end of the bridge we happened upon a square ( none of which are actually square in NYC, of course) where a street performance was just starting and in which Lindsay ended up staring... Very talented and muscular men repeatedly told her she would die... Extorted money from Gaga and I and Lindsay herself to assure her safety... All in very good fun! 


Then Grand Central Station.... Words fail to describe the utter wonder of the place.... The size, the grandeur... Mind blowing!

Then a delightful stop at the NY Public Library with a special photo for Miss P.. And some retail for the book lovers in my life...And Lindsay got me a perfect gift too! 

Then back to Times square to see about theatre tickets where we narrowly avoided a pretty good hustle.... But we're smarter than the average bear and beat it out of the scammers "office" and despite now being on the brink of a hangry meltdown Mom decided to make a last ditch try at the box office ... Best deal ever for Phantom of the Opera... 3 box seats for Monday night!! Thrilled!!

Stumbled across the street to a little bistro called Cafe Angus and had a simply marvelous meal...

A little retail and a last pit stop at the Bryant Park Public Washrooms .... Best  kept secret in NYC.... I kid you not!

Subway to 2nd Ave and what seemed like a long walk home...with a couple drops of rain. 

EPIC and unforgettable! 


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